After starting from humble beginnings as a mere blogging platform, the open source Wordpress CMS now powers an estimated 22% of the world's websites.

Aside from being free with extensive documentation, one of the greatest assets of Wordpress is its customizability. This, coupled with its ease of use, even for total web beginners, makes Wordpress the ideal platform for almost any purpose, whether a shopping site, a fan page, a blog, or a professional website to showcase your services.

Wordpress websites receive over 2.5 billion pageviews every month

At TritonSEO, we have been dealing with Wordpress for years and we'll happily customize the open source CMS to your exact needs and specific requirements. Whether you want a website to market your business or product, or to display the latest news, we have you covered. If you have a specific design in mind, then we can also slice PSD to Wordpress themes as well.


Having a website without a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is like running a restaurant without a door. After all, search engines like Google remain the best and most popular way to attract new customers to your web presence, but without paying proper attention to SEO, they'll never find your website.

We have years of experience in the SEO industry

Furthermore, at a time when the competition is spending heavily on improving their ranking in the search engine results, you risk losing out by neglecting SEO.

Fortunately, there are a few SEO best practices that you can employ to get your website noticed by Google and increase your organic traffic. At TritonSEO, we have years of experience in the SEO industry and will be happy to optimize both your on and off-page SEO for a very competitive rate.

Web Graphics

Just as important as driving users to your website, is making sure they stay there. And, one of the best ways to accomplish to prevent users from leaving immediately, is with an elegant and simple, yet welcoming aesthetic design. Thankfully, at TritonSEO we have extensive experience in UX design.

Responsive Design

Almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet (or both) nowadays and unsurprisingly more and more people are using these devices to surf the web - some exclusively so. This mobile browsing trend is only increasing, and yet most websites today are still only designed for PC users.

A website that looks great on a PC monitor, won't necessarily look good on an iPhone or iPad; in fact, most don't, unless they're responsive - that is, optimized for different devices. And, if your website looks awful on a mobile browser, then you've essentially alienated a large (and ever increasing) part of your audience.

At TritonSEO, we design our websites (including this one, go ahead and view it on your smartphone!) to be responsive and look great on all devices, ranging from tablets to smartphones.

PC monitor view

Tablet view

Smartphone landscape view

Smartphone portrait view

Most websites today are still only designed for the PC and not optimized for mobile users
  • Responsive small business website with social integration
  • Wordpress theme built from scratch with slider
  • Customized Twenty Eleven child theme
  • Custom wordpress theme and graphics